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Based in Southern New England, the Quahog Repeater Network (QRN) is a linked repeater system covering Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.  Repeaters are linked via RF to the 440 MHz network hub in North Providence.

Brief History

QRN was founded in 1986 by Joe-WA1TAQ and Bob-WB1FDY (now a silent key).  Through the 1990s, QRN continued to cover a large portion of Rhode Island with 220 and 440 MHz coverage.

Thanks to the efforts of Bruce-KR1Z, Jed-N1JBC, Jeff-N1ZZN and Rick-W1RJC, QRN was brought back to life in 2012 with the full-time RF linking of seven repeaters across four sites, including the original Newport and North Providence sites.

Linked Repeaters

The following repeaters are linked full-time via RF through the North Providence 440 MHz hub as of 9/1/2020:

Location Callsign Frequency Offset PL
North Providence, RI N1JBC 449.225 - 141.3
N1JBC 224.920 - 67.0
Newport, RI KC2GDF 448.325 - 67.0
West Warwick, RI  W1RI 145.130 - 77.0
Norwell, MA KC1HO 53.330 - 71.9
N1ZZN 224.060 - 103.5

QRN Control Operators (4)

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